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3 Ways Small and Medium Sized Businesses Are Using Facebook to Increase Sales

3 Ways Small and Medium Sized Businesses Are Using Facebook to Increase Sales

Small to mid-sized businesses are starting to realize how social media can help them grow (specifically Facebook). So, here are a few ways to use Facebook to grow your business.

Advertise to Locals

Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to target specific groups of individuals. Not only can potential customers be targeted with specific demographics and interests, but you can also target people who are logged into Facebook on their mobile devices and within a certain mile radius from your business. This is a great way to attract new physical customers.

Optimize Your Page for Local Searches

You can attract new customers without paying for ads at all. Optimize your business Facebook page by including information about your business (including address, phone number, etc), including images, and encouraging customers to leave positive reviews.

Utilize the Power of Coupons

However, Facebook isn’t just useful for attracting new customers, but also retaining previous customers. Encourage your customers to like your Facebook page by giving out random coupons and discounts to your Facebook followers. Then, you’ll boost your page likes and increase customer retention. Consequently, you’ll also get more positive reviews. Include the URL of your Facebook page on your business cards, shopping bags, menu cards, advertisements or whatever else you use.

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