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5G: What Is It and When Can I Have It?

5G: What Is It and When Can I Have it?

Welcome to the fifth generation of high-speed internet service… sort of.

Carriers are still hammering out the logistics of providing the new 5G network. But technologists have no doubt that 5G will continue the pattern of new-generational greatness. In fact, the jump from 4G may be bigger and mean more than you realize.


Ultimate connectivity 

Wireless communication spans the spectrum from 9 kHz to 300 GHz. Eventually, the waves used for 4G (up to 6GHz) will become overcrowded with users and devices. The new millimeter wave technology provides more space for more devices by using a higher frequency. The catch? Since it is at a higher frequency than its predecessor 4G, the millimeter waves have more difficulty going through walls and buildings. 

Don’t be surprised to see small antennas, also known as micropops, showing up in your neighborhood. These signal boosters are key to the success as they bounce the waves around obstacles.

There is no coincidence between the timing of the 5G network and the uprising of the “smart house.” Devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home will thrive even more so.

Recently, Forbes predicted that soon AI’s will monitor our health, and even warm up/ cool down our houses just in time for us to come home from work. 

Smart phone Tablet Smartwatch and Internet of things concept.Smart Home Technology Internet networking concept. Internet of things/Smart home automation. Internet of things


But when?

We should be able to purchase 5G phones by 2020. However, the service will be available sooner for home and office internet connectivity.

Locally-focused companies like 5G-X are in the process of conducting market research and building towers to provide the service to those with limited-to-no service options. 

And larger companies like Verizon have launched beta testing in various cities around the country.

Although there isn’t a hard date as to when the super speedy service will be free reign, there is promise of its soon mass deployment.

What are you looking forward to most about 5G?

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