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Add A Blog To Your Website. It’s The Smart Thing To Do.

Add A Blog To Your Website. It’s The Smart Thing To Do.

If you’ve spent time making your business’ website sparkle, you’re probably looking for ways to give it an even bigger leg up against the competition. A smart addition to any website is a blog. A blog is a series of interesting, informative posts that establishes your credibility in your industry and gets potential clients excited about using your services.

Here are ways to make your blog shine:

Update it regularly

Any blog is better than none at all, but a blog kept up to date will improve your Google search engine results and keep people coming back for your interesting, fresh content. Ideally, you’ll want to update your posts between one to three times per week, or a bare minimum of once a month.

Make it informative

Your website as a whole is a marketing tool, so when it comes to your blog, you’ll want to create something that isn’t an obvious sales pitch. Interesting information relevant to your industry, particularly with a unique angle, will engage and interest your readers. Choose a tone and angle for your blog and stick to it.

Interact in the comments section. Make sure your blog has a comments section that allows readers to discuss what you wrote about. Comment sections often create a long-lasting, rich dialogue that keep readers engaged long after you first posted the blog. Plan on responding to the comments in a timely fashion.

Publicize your blog

To get people reading your blog, have a way to let them know you just published another post. After posting, share the blog on your various social media channels and, if you have one, your company newsletter. You can also give readers an option to subscribe to your blog, so that they receive an email every time you post something new.

Staying active on your blog and updating regularly requires you to have excellent internet access in the office. 1stel provides solutions for a wide variety of businesses.

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