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Bitrix24 as a Project Management Tool

Bitrix24 as a Project Management Tool

When it comes to project management, finding a user-friendly platform that supports all tasks and functions can prove to be a task in itself.

The fast-pace of today’s world demands that we have immediate access to information and immediate access to our cohorts.

Bitrix24 asserts its platform to be the solution to our project management wants and needs.

As stated on their site Bitrix24 is a collaboration platform that provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication, and management tools for a project management team to use.

Some of their features include CRM, file sharing, project management, and calendars with the system being both available in cloud and on premises.

Dependent on the type of project that you are conducting and the nature of your business, Bitrix24 offers varying features that may be relative to your venture.

I found their project management platform to be attractive. The idea of having the ability to create one site accessible to all those involved in a project raises the level of accountability immensely for a team.

Communications, tasks and assignments, as well as visible deadlines are some of the features that keep every team member in the loop and privy to important information at all times.

Of course, there are a host of other beneficial features such as various means of immediate communication methods through which to contact team members, document management, cloud storage, and with social networking features if you’re heavily reliant on social media to fuel your business.

As far as cons it does take some toying with to understand their system. Initially, I found it a bit confusing, but they do have video tutorials that are helpful and providing adequate instructions to get you up and using their platform.

Resources are important in the field of project management and the more tools you have available, and the more centralized you are able to keep them the better your team will perform.

I think that Bitrix24 provides a great platform that assists in helping teams streamline and better combine their efforts when it comes to managing big projects.

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