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Bring Your Small Business into 2017

Bring Your Small Business into 2017


Every business owner knows that progress requires staying on the look-out for new trends and ways to improve operations. Most businessmen and women have various solutions in place to help their businesses increase profits and as they try to match up with bigger enterprises. Bring your business up to speed with these solutions.

Mobile payments    

The recent introduction of Blockchain technology means that crypto-currencies have become the newest form of payment in town. The best part is that customers can make purchases and pay through their mobile phones, without worrying about forgetting credit cards or money at home. Hence, there is efficiency in procurement procedures even as customers enjoy the convenience.

Artificial intelligence via chat bots   

While artificial intelligence does not hold many prospects for small businesses compared to big enterprises, that does not mean it cannot work for them. For starters, artificial intelligence has found its way into small businesses in form of intelligent chatbots that interact with customers at the workplace, online or via mobile phones and answer questions about various products available on the premises.

Development of collaboration tools   

While email is currently the best means of communication between customers and organizations, soon the tables could get turned with the development of collaboration tools such as Google Hangouts and Skype. According to research, 42% of small businesses have started initiatives to adopt the use of these collaborative tools as means of communication with clients. Talk to us now for more details.

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