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Business and Leadership — Top New Year’s Resolutions to Add to Your List

New Year’s is an opportunity to make changes to who we are as leaders and how we run our companies. In the spirit of this time of year, we present five top New Year’s Resolutions on which business leadership can focus.

1. Increase Trust Internally

Trust in the business world is a matter of perspective. There is the trust that clients place in the quality of your products or service and the trust that employee have of the leadership team. There is also the trust between the members of the leadership team. How is your scorecard for trust? A good way to increase productivity, decrease costs, and improve product quality is to build trust. One key ingredient for trust is communication, which also happens to be the number two resolution for business leadership.

2. Promote Better Communications

Communication is not just vocal, it also includes e-communication such as texts, emails, and even advertisement. Communication is part of the trust cycle and leadership should focus on the quality of communication, both face to face, and via the internet. Being a good communicator is not only about what you say but also about how you listen.  A key component of being a good communicator is being able to set aside your ego and admitting that you do not understand a concept or an idea. Allowing others to have significant input makes you a stronger leader, and it also builds trust.

3. Focus on Growth

By developing key players within the company and key roles and positions throughout the corporation’s pool of employees helps to improve communication and trust. First, focus on developing a clear path of communication. That also involves developing a clear and consistent message. When everyone understands what the goal is, then everyone can move forward by doing the best job possible. What that means for you is that product and service quality rises, better ideas come to the table, and your company grows its pool of talent. The best benefit is that employees want to help you grow the company.

4. Increase Efficiency

Efficiency is a measurement that applies to many areas of a business. Most of us think about efficiency as the means to speed up production. While that is true, efficiency can also mean the increase in quality while decreasing the time to manufacture a product. For leaders, increasing efficiency is about making products faster while improving quality, and customer satisfaction. How can your company benefit from focusing on efficiency?

5. Build a Quality Team

Take a lesson from small business — You cannot do it all. The team around you should be an extension of your own role. They should free you to do the tasks that only you can do. By increasing trust, you begin to build a quality team. By focusing on how you communicate and how your team communicates, you begin to build efficiency. These may be five resolutions for 2016, but in reality they all work together to help you grow your company.

All of these steps lead to growth and that is part of the definition of leadership. Also, in this mix is your roll. How can you improve so that you create a dynamic and exciting company spirit where ideas flow and progress occurs. 2016 may be off and rolling along but there is still time to set positive goals to grow your company. How can these resolutions improve your company? Let us know in the comments below.

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