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Business Phone and Internet from One Provider: No More Blame Game

It’s the more, the messier when it comes to the blame game. Whether it truly is person A or person B’s fault, that becomes completely irrelevant when the finger pointing begins. Instead of solving the problem, blame game players redirect the issue. Even if you are innocent in the scenario, once you roll the dice and move a piece in this game, you lose.  In fact, the only way a person can win the blame game is to not play.

When you purchase phone and internet for your business from separate providers, you are playing with blame-game fire. When an issue arises, the internet company tends to look with glaring eyes at the phone company and vice versa. And the poor office manager wastes hours and hours communicating back-and-forth like a child of arguing parents.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have your phone and internet from the same company so there is less finger pointing and more problem solving?

Well, our staff at 1stel has made that possible. The 1stConnect Hosted PBX system allows you to consolidate your networks into one source. We host your phone and provide you with the uber-fast fiber-optic internet to back it up.

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Jaime Baldwin

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