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The BYOD Trend for Small Businesses today

It’s no secret that technology is developing at a fast rate. This makes it difficult for any product or trend to achieve staying power.

The bring your own laptop trend, also known as BYOD, has the appeal to both employees and employers to make a lasting impression. Essentially, it allows for employees to work from any device they choose. Of course, this could be pretty revolutionary as businesses have always been expected to provide their employees with the needed technology to work. We’ve reached a time where employees would much rather work from their own devices rather than what their employer offers.


This policy also brings many benefits to both the employee and the employer. It saves the employer money. They no longer have to invest in several thousand dollars worth of equipment for their employees to work from. And the employee can use the technology they choose to work from. Obviously, there are clear benefits on both sides. What about the disadvantages?

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to the negative aspects of a BYOD policy. The biggest is the risk of employees losing company or business data.

Would you let your employees work from their own personal devices?
Would you prefer to work from your own laptop vs a work desktop?

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