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Cloud Telecom Trends in Small and Medium Business: Should You Follow Them or Not?

Cloud Telecom Trends in Small and Medium Business: Should You Follow Them or Not?

Though many businesses have already switched many of their processes to cloud technology, there are still some business owners and managers who are on the fence.

It’s obvious to see that cloud telecom solutions give businesses room to grow, help them save money and offer workers flexibility who have to work remotely or out in the field. However, you don’t build a successful business by only looking at the pluses and not considering the risks involved in a major business decision.

Most business owners and managers have logical concerns about:

  • Whether cloud telecom solutions are easy for their IT team to control,
  • Whether they offer enough security, and
  • Whether they are reliable.

However, when you choose to work with a well-established and reputable telecom provider, you’ll find that all of your concerns have been addressed. Stringent safety measures have been taken and the equipment and software you’ll use will be intuitive and high-quality.

In-House Control

If you’re switching from an in-house, hardware-based phone system, your IT team is usually well-versed on how to fix a problem if something goes wrong. They can also change things and program things how they see fit. However, having a remote IT firm control your telecom system isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it’s a time saver for your business and your IT team.

Our staff of professionals has all the proper training and is competent enough to control your telecom network. It’s our business. In addition, if you still want to control your own phone systems; instead of choosing total management, choose total ownership as your option. Total ownership gives you features that allow you to restrict access, add new users, monitor call flow and much more.

Is it Secure?

If you’re like many professionals, cyber security and hacking are real concerns. However, cloud-based telecom solutions come equipped with firmware that has one-of-a-kind digital signatures. These digital signatures can’t be hacked or altered. Therefore, they prevent anyone from listening in on your phone calls, disrupting your calls, hacking your system or even stealing your long distance. Your calls travel over an encrypted connection as well.

Can I Really Depend on the Cloud?

Most business owners have a fear that their cloud systems will simply shut down causing them to lose sales, customer confidence, and prospect interest. Oddly enough, they feel that working with an in-house phone system managed by their own workers offers more reliability. However, physical phone systems have gone down from time to time for various reasons since the beginning of the telephone. In addition, because of these misconceptions, cloud solutions are designed to be redundant, more reliable and more secure. Meaning, designers plan for reliability and continuity during a service disruption. That’s more than you’ll get from most local carriers.

Making the Switch

As you can see, cloud telecom solutions not only offer exciting features with room to grow, but they also offer security and reliability with minimal risk; something small and medium businesses need keep up with the competition. Contact us at 1stel today to learn more about how cloud telecom solutions can improve your business.

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