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What Communication Trends in Small and Medium Businesses Will 2017 Hold?

What Communication Trends in Small and Medium Businesses Will 2017 Hold?


It’s no secret that recent years have seen a dramatic uptick in consumers of “on demand” services – from television watching to doing their laundry, clients and patrons now expect near-instant service whenever possible.

For small and medium businesses, this means auditing and perhaps even completely overhauling their communications and customer service endeavors. Here are some of the communication areas most commonly in need of an upgrade:

Business Line Upgrades

As a small or medium business grows, so too does the amount of calls made every day. Scalable PBX systems can help route callers to the right departments while reducing company overhead, and customized call features like employee-specific voicemail will make sure the right people are getting their most important client messages.

SIP trunks are more popular than ever for both efficiency and cost reduction. VoIP (Voice over IP) is often substantially more affordable than alternatives, and is capable of all traditional services including toll-free numbers and emergency service dialing.

Internet Speed Upgrades

If your small or medium business is still “chugging away” on a DSL connection, there’s a reasonably good chance that you’re doing your efficiency a disservice. 2017 will see more small and medium businesses switching over to ultra high-speed fiber-optic networks capable of reaching gigabit speeds.

Securing Data: More Important Than Ever

Trends in small and medium businesses will continue to see more and more cloud-based services as part of their accounting, data storage, and automated backup systems.

With so many businesses “going paperless” and digitizing as much of their workflow as possible, proper security measures for this data will be even more of a focus in 2017 than previous years. If you haven’t already, take stock of your security measures to ensure that your data gets from point A to point B safely.

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