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Competing with Online Sales, Small Retailers Become Click-and-Mortars


Competing with Online Sales, Small Retailers Become Click-and-Mortars

Across America, small retailers are finding it more difficult as e-commerce and mobile commerce are snagging even larger portions of the market. Today, consumers want the convenience of shopping on their terms. That means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, from the device of their choice. In fact, there are some that predict that traditional brick-and-mortar stores will eventually just fade away.

However, as a small retailer, you should heed this example before you throw in the towel. Some consumer trends are showing that what consumers really want is a hybrid of the online and storefront experience.

Consider for a moment that Amazon has started to offer “Amazon Locker”, a way for consumers to pick up their order rather than having it delivered. Also, many large retailers, like Wal-Mart and Best Buy, give consumers the option of an in-store and same-day pick up of an order.

So, a buyer can shop conveniently at home, but still buy locally. In fact, Wal-Mart’s new Grocery app allows you to do all your grocery shopping from anywhere. It allows you to build an online shopping list over time, and pickup at a local store.

How can small retailers capitalize on this consumer trend? It is a simple change in business model, from being a brick-and-mortar to a click-and-mortar store. By adding e-commerce to your business website, you can provide the convenience of online shopping with traditional customer service.

This provides your customers with an enhanced shopping experience in which they enjoy more versatility, greater freedom, and added services. In fact, for small retailers who rely heavily on walk-in traffic, becoming a click-and-mortar will likely bring more people in the door.

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