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Don’t Settle for a Patch Job

Choosing the right roofing materials for your home is not the most exciting thing to do, but sooner or later you’re gonna need a new roof. Do you want metal? Shingle? What type of metal? (There are six by the way!) Color of shingle? 30-year shingle? 20-year shingle? All these questions flood your brain, but I can guarantee your top questions are 1) what is going to protect my house the most and, of course, 2) how much is this gonna hurt my pocket book?

Now, you can almost always settle for the less expensive simple, 20-year shingle “patch job” that leaves your home looking like it got its sense of style from the 1500‘s. Yes, it is going to protect your home for a little while and it is less expensive, but how many times are you going to have to go back and repeat this process over again? I have literally seen a house with 5 patch jobs and each job averages from $1,000 to $1,500! Times that by five and you have the price of a new roof! When you get home do me a favor and look up at your neighbors roof. Trust me, it will get you thinking.

Things work the same way when it comes to data services. The same questions flood through your mind when looking at upgrading or starting new services with your data plan. Do I want fiber? Do I want a basic T1? How about some off-the-shelf Internet? Or do I simply settle for the 5th bonded T1 that will make my business Internet run a little faster for a while until that storm hits and leaves your business down for days?

As a general contractor’s wife and communications consultant, I see people making these decisions every day. Bottom line, a new roof whether it be metal or shingle is more expensive. Well let’s face it, it is a lot more expensive BUT it’s the best thing out there that money can buy (besides that King Ranch f450 4×4 dually but I’ll leave my husband to talk about that one). A new roof looks better, protects better, and is way more reliable when it comes to those crazy storm months especially if you live in tornado ally but in the end it is also cost effective! With a new roof you wont have to worry about replacing it every year like you would with the patch job.

It is the exact same thing when it comes to fiber. Fiber-optics are very reliable because a dedicated connection will give you peace of mind knowing that your business will always remain up and running regardless of what ever is going on outside. That in itself is priceless. Also, fiber will make your business more streamline and up to date on the latest technology. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here is the question I will leave you with: If you had the choice to protect your home or your business with the best thing that money could buy, wouldn’t you do it?

Do not sell your business short. Take the plunge. Bite the bullet. And do not settle for the patch job!


Kristen Porterfield- 1stel Digital Marketing Specialist

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