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1stel Announces Hosted PBX Package Product Launch

1stel, local business-to-business telecommunications company, announced the release of their newest product package, the 1stConnect Hosted PBX, on April 1, 2016.

The PBX telephone system allows users to switch calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing users to share a certain number of external phone lines. Businesses can be relieved of technology-filled closets, as 1stel hosts the PBX at their location. Their campaign slogan “no more blame game” denotes the ease of consolidating to one company for all network needs (phone, Internet, and support).   

Although 1stel has provided the PBX, hosting, and Internet services in the past, the new packaged bundle gives brand recognition as well as simplified telecommunications- consultant-to-client relations.

“We, as a company, are so excited to get this out to our clients. As communications consultants, we’re all about simplifying the client’s life. I know a lot of companies will see the value in having something like a worrisome phone system taken off their list of things they have to deal with,” says 1stel communications consultant, Kristen Porterfield.

For more information about the 1stConnect Hosted PBX, visit

About 1stel:
Founded in 1996, 1stel is a business to business telecommunications company that provides phone, Internet, and technical support. By harnessing the strength of AT&T’s nationwide fiber infrastructure, 1stel is able to provide one complete network solution to meet all business telecommunication needs. What sets 1stel apart is a consultative approach to client relations. Visit for more information.


Jaime Baldwin- 1stel Digital Marketing Specialist

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