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How to Have Stress Awareness

It’s no coincidence that Stress Awareness Day is abbreviated to SAD.  #Stressawarenessweek was a global trending topic on Nov. 4.   And now with Mental Health Awareness Week around the corner, it begs the question, “Are we all going nuts?”

National holiday or not, it is never a bad time to keep your sanity in check.  Here are the top three essential components to making sure you stay on the rocker.


When the workload is piling up, often times we plow through with hunched backs and clenched teeth.  To make sure your stress levels stay out of the danger zone, take a second to acknowledge the stress.  By being aware, you are in control of your feelings.  Find what relaxes you.  Maybe it’s a song, a picture of your family, these neat desk exercises, or even a happy thought.  Are you working to provide a better future for your kids?  Are you on the brink of that big promotion?  Or at the very least, do you have any paid vacation days left?


Literally.  Put it in your calendar so you don’t forget it.  “Me-time” is an often overlooked form of stress relief.  Your brain is like a little computer.  If you don’t restart and update it every once in awhile, things get weird, and don’t run as smoothly.  Allow your brain to unwind and reconfigure.

Wake up thirty minutes earlier and walk your dog or read that book that you’ve been meaning to start for who knows how long.  Not a morning person?  Find the time of day and activities that work for you to create balance in your life.  Still not sure how to me-time?  Check out these 57 creative ways.

3)SHUN STRESSORS (when possible)

Let me clarify.  Please don’t go shaking a big stick at your boss the next time he asks you to do something.  DO learn when and how to say no in both your personal and professional life.  And when you do say no, be kind and honest.  Most people would rather hear the truth instead of some bogus excuse, ie, “I have to wash my hair,” “My car is broken,” “I’m grieving the loss of my goldfish,” etc.
As we say in the office, “Even though hope is not a method, sometimes you just gotta give it.”

Happy Stress Awareness!  Stay Chill.


Jaime Baldwin- 1stel Digital Marketing Specialist

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Jaime Baldwin

Jaime Baldwin is a PR and Social Media Specialist at our advertising agency, werkLabstudios.