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How To Market a New Product in 2017? Hit the Road!

How To Market a New Product in 2017? Hit the Road!

The days of peddling your wares door-to-door as the norm for marketing your product are long gone. Hitting the road has taken on a whole new meaning today, but it is still imperative that you hit the highway… The information highway… And take every advantage of the doors it opens.

In December, 2016, Forbes published a list of the up and coming marketing trends to follow in the new year. There are seventeen, in all, making the article well worth the read. We’ll list a few:

Interactive Content 

Get visitors at your site to participate not just read while there. Some examples? Set up a poll, a survey or contest. Showing you value your customers by asking their opinions or giving them a chance to win could help get your product in the fast lane with consumers.

Influencer Marketing

What’s way better than an ad… Even one with a celebrity holding your product? A popular web personality raving about your product! They are trusted by their fans and followers; if they say it’s awesome, it’s awesome.


This new tool is still in its early stages, but worth considering! Hmmm… Maybe approaching the popular web personality about livestreaming while using your product… There are lots of possibilities with this one! And you’ll be so cutting edge! That can’t be a bad thing.

Short-Lived Content

The Millenials are coming into their own. There is tons of information to support the importance of marketing to Millenials! (Hence, the site link to Hubspot to get you started. ?) It’s touted that they are the 8 second attention span generation. They embrace short-lived content. So, in the interest of keeping this short… Do you have an Instagram account?

Mobile Monopoly

More and more internet traffic is coming from mobile users. You’ll be missing a massive market if you aren’t mobile friendly! Not just with the thought given to design and content being visually appealing to mobile users either! The key word here is mobile. Think of ways to market to people on the go!

Don’t sputter to a stop using old marketing techniques. Try these tips! You’ll be cruising in the mainstream of internet traffic. Kick it into overdrive this year and enjoy the ride!

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