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Important Technology Trends in Small & Medium Businesses


Important Technology Trends in Small & Medium Businesses


It’s more than obvious that technology has always played an essential role in the workplace. Whether it’s the use of social media, or business phones for making calls, many of these range from simple to complex. With that said, technology is always changing in the workplace as well, and many are using these trends to change their business. Here are some technology trends to be on the lookout for, and why they’re important.

Improving Customer Relationships

Building a relationship with your customers is important, and with recent trends in technology, it’s become even more of a convenience. Aside from being able to use social media, having a mobile device allows you to reach out to your customers whenever, and vice versa. For example, let’s say you frequently contact your customers on Skype. You could easily assign a Skype number to your mobile phone. That way, if one of your customers called you via the Microsoft application and you weren’t available, your mobile phone would still ring.

Digital Workforces

One of the biggest technology trends, especially in 2017, is that many companies are moving away from working in an office. With the rise in videos, social media, and instant messaging, the workplace is becoming less and less about being in a workspace. Aside from giving business workers more freedom in the industry, it also gives them better opportunities to work from anywhere. They can work from home, contact their businesses while traveling on the road, and generally work from anywhere around the world. Just imagine what the industry will be like in the next 10 years.

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