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Why Does My Internet Take A Daily Afternoon Siesta?

Many Spanish-owned businesses close from 1 pm to 5 pm so that their employees can take a siesta, or cat nap, to fuel them for the rest of the day. As an employee of a non-siesta-ing company, this sounds like the dream (pun intended). But why does my internet take a daily afternoon siesta too?

According to the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians, “A short sleep after lunch can reduce stress, (and) help cardiovascular functions…”

However, it was only proven beneficial if the napping is carved into a person’s daily routine.

You may be thinking, “Well, if that’s true, my internet must be stress-free and have the heart of a lion.”

Unfortunately, the same concept does not apply. However, I can offer you some insight as to why your internet, specifically at work, is a little slower at certain times of the day.

Companies like Time Warner and Comcast often utilize a shared cable connection. Let’s say there is 250 MB that two neighboring companies are sharing. The first business is a dentist office and the other is a pet supply store.

The dentist office hits a busy streak around 3 o clock when all the children are out of school. This means that they are checking in a larger number of patients and having a greater pull on the network. They could be using 125 MB of that 250 MB data pool. This, in turn, leaves the dentist and the neighboring pet supply store operating with a significantly lower speed than they are used to, causing both parties to feel like their internet took a mini-siesta at the worst possible time (when in fact, it was no coincidence).

So what is the solution? The answer is simple: a dedicated network. Every MB can be yours to use in its entirety so that you are able to work more efficiently, reduce stress, and maybe even have improved “cardiovascular functions.”
Who knew that not taking a siesta could be so good for you?

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Jaime Baldwin- PR and Social Media Specialist

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Jaime Baldwin

Jaime Baldwin

Jaime Baldwin is a PR and Social Media Specialist at our advertising agency, werkLabstudios.