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A Note From the Sales Director: “It’s About Trust”


A Note From the Sales Director: “It’s About Trust”

There is no djorgewantedtoedithisownpicsohereitisoubt that sales is a difficult industry to be in. You need to be resilient, creative, charming, funny, smart, and humble. And that’s just what it takes to get past the gate keeper and to a decision maker. Once you get to the decision maker, you start playing by a different book. Each chapter of the book builds on the previous. Sales people need to be comfortable in our own skin, we need to have a solid, working knowledge of what we sell, and more than anything we need to be confident. I had a boss tell me once “Jorge, competence brings confidence.”, and I have carried that with me ever since.

In telecom sales, one of the most competitive industries out there (see my previous post on Lemonade), it is pretty hard to stand out from the pack. Here at 1stel we ask ourselves the question “What makes us different than anyone else out there?” Is it our price? What about our level of service? Is it the fact that a live person actually answers the phone when someone calls us? We simmered on these for a couple of weeks, and then one of my sales guys came into my office and said, “Hey boss, I figured it out-I know what makes us stand out from the crowd.” “What is it?”, I asked. Matt said “We actually care about our customers.” It took me a moment, and then it hit me. I caught my breath and it dawned on me just how right he is.

It appears that every other company stands on the corner holding a sign that says something like “We have the best customer service!”, or “We’ll take great care of you!”, but do they really? In our office, the sales staff takes the time to get to know our clients, seriously. We establish a relationship first, build our trust, and when the times comes, we can talk about whether or not we are a good fit for your business. What other telecom company out there has no problem informing you they may not be a good fit for what your business needs are, and then recommends a different provider? In the cut throat world of sales, that is simply unheard of. That is what makes us different. I have seen our staff send sympathy cards to clients who have lost loved ones. One of our neighbors had some medical issues not long ago, and a card was passed around saying “Get well soon, we miss seeing you around.” He got better, and every time I see him now I stop what I’m doing and say hello.

I totally understand that price is the driving force for the majority of business owners. They have a business to run, often times operating on razor-thin margins, understaffed and working on tight deadlines. That is how we do things in this country. We try to get ahead by working so hard that our quality of life suffers. (That’s the only thing I will say about our society. Ever.) Here at 1stel, our mission is to help you have one less thing to worry about. My clients have my cell number, email, and fax number, and they know that we will actually respond to their messages immediately.

As a business owner, or the responsible party for your communication network, how stressed are you if something isn’t working quite right? Imagine picking up the phone and saying “Hey Jorge, can you look into this for me?”, and knowing it is going to be taken care of. That alone is worth spending a few minutes exploring whether or not 1stel can help you out.

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Jorge Velez

Jorge Velez

Jorge is the Director of Sales at 1stel. With over 13 years of retail sales and management experience, Jorge brings a passion for developing strong relationships and motivating his team.

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