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Mobile Devices Help Modern Businesses Thrive, but are they Secure Enough?

Mobile Devices Help Modern Businesses Thrive, but are they Secure Enough?

Mobile devices are becoming business tools that everyone uses. In addition, they offer the type of flexibility that allows you to use them with your larger business devices and technological systems like fax machines, printers, virtual desktops and VoIP platforms through softphones and other cloud business communication systems.

However, securing these devices takes a multi-pronged approach. They store endless volumes of data. If you use them for work, much of that data is sensitive, (and it’s sometimes the data you wouldn’t think is important such as fun images, call records, contact info, document drafts and friendly emails.)

In addition, anyone can access your company data through saved logins or hacking if a staff member loses track of his or her device. When your workers use their device at a free WiFi hotspot, the files on their devices are also in jeopardy.

Securing the Mobile Device Trend

Any company working with mobile devices should make security the highest priority along with successful company migration. Look to your managed services provider to:


  • Staff is equipped with up-to-date, easily trackable devices with original manufacturer software,
  • Staff uses secure lock codes and screen patterns,
  • All staff devices can be locked down or wiped remotely in the event of loss or theft,
  • Mobile devices are equipped with encryption programs that convert the data staff is taking in and sending out into code that is not easily decipherable,
  • Staff either avoids public WiFi or follows certain protocols when using it,
  • Automatic Blue Tooth and WiFi connectivity switches are disabled in all staff the devices,
  • Company data is backed up so they can quickly restore it if there’s no other option in the case of a disaster,
  • Protocols are established for which apps are safe to download and which ones are not, and
  • Devices are equipped with security and anti-virus programs that IT professionals maintain on their network, so you and your staff don’t have to worry about keeping up with updates and knowing what security platforms are most effective with the changing times.

Contact us today at 1stel. We understand everything about business communication from the cloud to the conference room. We can help your business operate more efficiently and cost-effectively while keeping your data safe.

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