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Protecting Your Data: Small and Medium Businesses


Protecting Your Data: Small and Medium Businesses

As workplaces become increasingly global, businesses are using more sophisticated phone and internet technology to make business more streamlined. However, putting your business data online to use these technologies means potential safety and security risks.

In the past few years, a number of prominent businesses became victims of data hacking. Even smaller businesses are at a higher risk than before. Often, small and medium businesses fail to protect their data as effectively as large companies. Therefore, this results in making them – and their customers – vulnerable to attacks.

Recently, Small Business Trends suggested tips to enhance data security. So here are a few great ideas they suggest that we recommend your company use:

  • Encrypt your data.Did you know that fewer than a quarter of small businesses keep their data safe behind an encrypted firewall? Encrypting your data places it behind a safe online code. Hackers are less likely to try to crack than openly available information. If no one in your business is an encryption expert, consider outsourcing this task.
  • Also, put your data in multiple places.Ransomware attacks are extremely costly. This is when computer hackers steal your data and require your company to pay a ransom to get it back. Expert Brenda Hudson recommends protecting your company by saving your data in multiple clouds.
  • And lastly, assess your company for current safety. Does your company let employees use simple passwords like password? Or do you require strong, frequently changed access keys? Simple protections, like using strong codes on computers and email will go a long way in keeping your business safe.


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