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Relationship Building With Your Internet Provider

Relationship Building With Your Internet Provider

As an organizational head, you want to choose the safest internet provider for your office. You might also want to offer free WiFi for your guests if you run an organization that serves the public. However, whether you choose only a private network for your organization or both a private and a public network, it’s important to understand cyber threats and network security.

Many business owners and managers think first to call a residential cable or internet provider, (one they might use at home). However, this is not the safest or the wisest choice. Working with an internet provider that specializes in serving business clients is best.

The Current Cyber Security Landscape

The US cyber security landscape changes every year. Some threats phase out. New threats surface. Current threats to your organization’s network include:

For Public Networks

  • Malware planting – When criminal guests log on to your network, they install malware to the network that collects user data. The criminal can then return to pick up the data at a later time.
  • Spying – Criminals logged onto your public network can sometimes spy on other users who connect without protections like VPNs. These tactics are called packet sniffing and eavesdropping.
  • Data stealing – Criminals can steal copies of data as users send it over email or download it from the web.

For Private and Public Networks

  • Rogue Access Point (AP) – These cyber criminals create a network with the same SSID (name) as yours or a similar one. They then install whatever malware they want to use on any computers and devices that log onto the fake networks. Computers that log on are susceptible to all sorts of hacking like trojans, rootkits, and malicious code injections.
  • Pre-Infected devices – Sometimes network users don’t realize their device has been hacked. When they log onto the network, the malware can spread quickly from device to device.
  • Wireless Denial of Service or WDoS Attacks – Cybercriminals send too much traffic over your network. This shuts it down so you can’t use it.

Many business networks are susceptible to these threats and more because their access points were incorrectly configured, their network infrastructure wasn’t implemented properly, or the residential internet provider they use doesn’t offer the protections they need.

At 1stel, we offer internet solutions for businesses that come standard with 24/7 access to professional tech support, IT services, and 1stel Alert Monitoring. We understand what organizations need to stay safe. Why wait? Start enjoying network safety and efficiency now. Contact us today! 

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