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A Season of Promotions and Growth for 1stel

They say that there is a time and season for everything. Well, at 1stel we are in a season of growth, upward thinking, and excitement. Two of our staff members have recently earned new titles. It’s more than just new name plates and business cards that come with the advanced appellations.

Jorge Velez was promoted from Sales Manager to Director of Sales.  Jorge takes on a variety of new challenges as he establishes sales objectives for his team and coaches them to success.

He says, “I am thrilled to step into the role of Director of Sales at 1stel. In my time with the company, I have had the privilege of establishing solid relationships with my clients [as a former Communications Consultant for 1stel], and I expect my sales team to reciprocate that.”



Randall Smith also received new rankings with the title of Marketing Analyst. The former StratoSTACK Project Manager  says, “I really enjoy data. Having a job where I can create marketing campaigns based off statistical data is perfect for me.”

Projects on Randall’s horizon include email marketing campaigns and re-targeting ads. He will work in tandem with 1stel’s marketing agency, werkLab Studios, to marry beautifully crafted messaging with effective and methodical tactics. Under this title he will also evaluate ROI, identify new market opportunities, analyze competitors, and develop new strategies.

We applaud these members of the 1stel team and thank them for their hard work and dedication.

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Jaime Baldwin

Jaime Baldwin

Jaime Baldwin is a PR and Social Media Specialist at our advertising agency, werkLabstudios.