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Seeing Telecom in 2020: Predicted Industry Disruptions

Seeing Telecom in 2020: Predicted Industry Disruptions

Can we talk about the year 2020 for a minute? How futuristic does that year seem to you? My whole life, books and films, have pointed toward this epic date.

2020 has been the future, for forever.

Well, news flash: The future is less than 3.5 years away. And, the future begins tomorrow.

When we talk about disruption within an industry, it pays to face the fact that emergent trends, in many cases, bring with them painful realities. For the established industry, with disruption looms the pain of loss: loss of opportunity, pain of obsolescence, changes of business model. In the next three years, how will businesses respond to the combinatorial explosion afoot as the world and all its things get connected over wifi?

Futurists and technology experts help mitigate the struggle of inevitable industry transitions by predicting the big bangs before they happen. Futurist Gerd Leonhard describes the blanket of wireless connectivity growing organically throughout the developing world by 2020.

As local communities apply tech to optimize survival functions like farming and resource allocation, data is being generated in so many new-to-the-web languages. SO MANY LANGUAGES. Which begs the disruptive questions: how will it all be sorted, translated, stored, regulated and protected?

The FUTURE happens very slowly for a long time, and then, all at once, all of a sudden.

Christopher Surdak, Global Analytics Expert, writes that by 2020, the global cloud will be tethered in place by space-, balloon-, or drone-based systems that will provide high-quality broadband access to anywhere and everywhere in the world, AND this will be done affordably.

By 2020, almost all people on earth will have access to a small semi conductor driven device that connects to the cloud, aka, a smart phone. There is major potential for disruption as information security pushes through the growing pains of a burgeoning, truly global, transaction space. How will businesses maintain their customers’ privacy while making the most of trading data in a world, switched on?

As the “Thingification” of the planet proceeds, automated systems will become acutely optimized to respond to our shared global challenges. Leonhard and Surdak agree that the IoT will produce disruptive solutions by 2020. Consider smart traffic light systems, which use real time big data analytics to optimize flow, and essentially disrupt automobile traffic.

The end of auto traffic? Call me crazy, but that doesn’t seem like a painful reality, at all.
See you in the optimized flow of the future, my friends!

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