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9 Ways to Amp Up your Customer Service

9 Ways to Amp Up your Customer Service

The right customer service can make or break a business and all businesses want to ensure their customers are getting a quality experience. Here are some tips to boost your reputation for great customer service:


Lose the “Customer is Always Right” Philosophy.

According to Hal Rosenbluth and his book Put The Customer Second – Put your people first and watch’em kick butt, employees will provide better service than they know they’re valued and respected, by their bosses and by the customers. This means taking your employee’s side over when the customer is wrong. You wouldn’t dismiss a customer’s issue and you shouldn’t dismiss an employee when they’re being taken advantage of. The result is happy, dedicated, and motivated individuals intent on creating a fun and quality experience for each customer they encounter.

Let your Customers be H.E.A.R.D.

There’s a reason Disney World and Disney Land are considered the happiest places on Earth and it’s because they treat the person with care before the issue at hand. Their philosophy for customer service is built into the foundation of their company. By adopting Disney’s method of being H.E.A.R.D., better customer service and a better customer experience is sure to follow.

Be Courteous

Merriam-Webster defines courteous it as being “marked by polished manners” and “respect for and consideration of others.” What does that mean for customer service? It means acknowledging customers in a timely manner, presenting yourself with a bright smile, and showing empathy and working through their problems to find the best solution together. Showing customers simple courtesy will keep customers coming back again and again.  

Learn to Communicate

Strong communication is easily one of the most valuable skills to have in customer service. Study.Com’s video on The Importance of Good Communication with Customers explains that communication is more than hearing what your customer is saying, but understanding their intent and solving their problems by speaking clearly, effectively, efficiently, and politely. Whether face-to-face or over the phone, speak and listen with an empathetic heart to ensure quality communication.

Do Something with that Feedback

Questionnaires, focus groups, phone surveys ― These are ways to get feedback from customers about their experiences. It not only matters getting feedback, though, but what you do with it. Re-evaluate products and services if you need to, identify who or what your customers like best, and determine what your customers value the most. It shows the customers they are being heard and their opinion is important to your business when their feedback is acknowledged.

Create a Customer Service Philosophy

Customer service is important, that’s a given, but it should be personalized to your business. Think about what it means to create an experience for a customer, how it should align with the business’ goals and mission, and how to empower your employees with a great philosophy.

Adapt to the Situation and the Customer

No customer is alike even if their situations might be. Train and prepare employees to deal with a variety of customers, from the bold to the timid. Knowing how to interact with different personalities will increase customer satisfaction. Use role-playing techniques, encourage creativity, and allow for flexibility.

Be transparent.

While you can read all the policies, study up on your product knowledge, and consistently give friendly service, mistakes are bound to happen or there will be a time when you don’t know something. Pretending you know it all when you don’t or that nothing is wrong when it is can be a sure way to lose a customer. The National Business Research Institute writes why owning up to your pitfalls creates a level of trust and accountability with customers because, hey, we’re all human, after all.

Stay Positive!

Customer service is a stressful job. Some days can be intense and emotional. Stress affects the way we act, react, and speak. On those hard days, it’s important to find positivity to help you get through the day. Take a moment to breathe, remember the good things that happened during the day or will happen later, understand what’s upset you and respond appropriately to it. Staying positive will help you in your problem solving, being empathetic with customers, and help re-discover the joys of the job.


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