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How Small Businesses Can Target Local Online Customers

How Small Businesses Can Target Local Online Customers

Today, more people than ever are going online to find businesses, products, and services. Therefore, it is important to tailor your online marketing toward local customers. However, changes in Google’s algorithms mean you can no longer just add your city name in content and expect traffic. In order to get to the top of search results, must employ the newest inbound marketing strategies and tactics.

Your website must be the hub of your entire online marketing effort, attracting organic and natural traffic and search results from search engines, social media, and links. Today, there is an extremely close relationship between SEO, user experience, and content. Google and other search engines strive to provide the most reliable and useful information to their users. Here are some of the best methods to attract local customers.

1. Mobile-friendly Web Design – Today, the majority of search requests are coming from mobile devices. As a result, search engines ranking mobile-friendly websites higher in results.

2. Create a Blog – Google loves fresh, new content. That said, content needs to be of high-quality and provide an obvious value to readers. Google evaluates the signals from users, including the number of click-throughs, time on site, and bounce rates.

3. Focus on Geo-targeting – A healthy percentage of your content must be optimized for local keywords. This means publishing articles that provide a unique local perspective about your industry.

4. Use Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms empower you to create a community around your brand. Employ strategies including native advertising, to target local customers.

Ultimately, if you start using these simple marketing strategies your business, you will attract more local online customers.

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