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How Small and Medium Businesses Can Improve Efficiency by Embracing Communication Trends

How Small and Medium Businesses Can Improve Efficiency by Embracing Communication Trends

In our modern communications landscape, people who want to embrace technology; but understand that face-to-face and phone conversations are still necessary, are the ones who will thrive.  Though technology is advancing at a rapid rate, the human element is still crucial to business development in every industry. Hence, many of the tech trends we’ll see in 2017 effectively combine technology with emotional intelligence, (EI).  In order to do this, businesses will integrate intelligent data and communication solutions into the course of daily business operations.

Key Trends Small and Medium Businesses Should Consider in 2017:

  1. Focused Efforts to Build Brand Identity and Trust

Because digital communication is so prominent, businesses must build brand awareness. Customers demand transparency and a personal touch. Many customers also respond to businesses that build a community around their brand. Lastly, millennial staff thrive when you incorporate community elements into the business workflow.

  1. Collaborations and Interactive Sessions

Meeting in person often isn’t necessary anymore. In fact, in some cases, it could be considered wasteful. Businesses will begin to focus on hosting quality digital interactive sessions in lieu of face-to-face sales presentations and business meetings.

  • The More Effective and More Satisfied Remote Workforce

The convenience of technology offers many employers the option of providing remote work opportunities. More employees are working outside of the office part time in the new gig economy. Experts predict this trend will only continue to grow as SMB owner/managers understand the liability and insurance savings that having a part-time remote workforce can bring to their organization. According to HCAMag, 55% of employees are willing to work for less money if they have more freedom to work remotely.

Possible Employee Benefits:

  • Save on commuting time and costs,
  • Save on silent costs that add up quickly like lunches, coffee breaks and work wardrobes, and
  • They can better balance their personal and work schedules.

Therefore, it’s become important for SMB owner/managers to start thinking ahead.  For example, (1) how will they securely communicate with workers remotely and (2) are there compliance standards their mobile technology must meet?

  1. Big Data Moves into the Office

Everything we do online creates data. Software programs can aggregate that data and organize it in various ways to build business. One such trend is replacing the traditional email and inter-office communications with a summary report that defines:

  • How effective the communications are
  • What types of engagement they inspire
  • What actions recipients took to complete projects

Businesses are using this data to determine which staff members

  • Are truly engaged in the work process
  • Might need additional training
  • Are taking the right approaches to problem-solving
  • Who is dismissing important communications

Keeping up with modern communication trends is essential if you want to stay on top. However, the only way to do so securely while still remaining in touch with the needs of your business is to have a team of strategists and security experts on your side. Contact us today at 1stel. We can manage and secure the technology that works best for your business.

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