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Snapchat Spectacles: The New and Improved Google Glass?

Snapchat recently released a campaign for what some are claiming is the new and improved Google Glass; welcome the Snapchat Spectacles. Although Snapchat’s invention is far less equipped, its targeted marketing could be the key to its success.

The Snapchat Spectacles come with  a small camera built into the frames, allowing users to capture videos and pictures in POV (point of view) fashion. These Spectacles are far less speculating than the Google Glass design.

(Image 1 – Google Glass)


(Image 2 – Snapchat Spectacles)


They seem to mimic the Ray Bans style, although they certainly have their own je ne se quais and borderline the almost clichéd wearable tech look. Although they are far less functional than the Glass, the market appeal is in the numbers. You can be the owner of a pair of Specs for a mere $130, which is about the price of actual non-picture-taking Ray Bans; whereas Google Glass could run you upwards of $1,500 (ouch).

The price tag on the Specs was no accident. It’s clear from their latest promotions that the glasses are aimed towards the same demographic as the Snapchat app (ages 18 to 24), as it features bright colors, young faces, and the musical melodies of Tame Impala. This target demographic is at a time where they are earning money for themselves for the first time but likely still live at home with their parents. They can afford this type of splurge, especially if it boosts their social media cred. An article from Business Insider records a recent study that proved teens are far less attracted to luxury brands and the generations before. They are more interested in purchasing experiences; especially ones that can be published on social media.

Jason Dorsey, a millennial expert is quoted saying, “The combination of wanting to buy experiences and technology does not bode well for expensive luxury items as they’re not very practical and once you’ve had your new piece of jewelry on a few Instagram pics and Snapchats, you can’t wear it for a long time or else it makes it look like you have nothing else to wear.”

In short, Snapchat and Instagramming function trumps fashion.

Do you think the Snapchat Spectacles have staying power? Or do you see through Snapchat’s initiative?


Jaime Baldwin- PR and Social Media Specialist


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Jaime Baldwin

Jaime Baldwin

Jaime Baldwin is a PR and Social Media Specialist at our advertising agency, werkLabstudios.