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Social Media Marketing: You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play

The telecom industry is serious business. So you may be wondering whether there is any serious value in marketing your super serious telecom services using these “kids today’s” social media outlets. If so, where to begin? And to what end?

In this article we will touch upon the high points of how telecom businesses can leverage social media to reach new customers and build loyalty with established clients. In this blogger’s opinion, there is plenty of value to be added to the bottom line with a savvy approach to social media marketing.

By participating in social networks like twitter and Facebook, telecom businesses create hubs of communication that empower customers to engage and connect. Peer-to-peer engagement between customers fosters community. Community grows around a shared sense of value and identity.

These organic communities become fertile ground for market testing new initiatives and driving home core brand values. Your company has the ability to set the tone of these conversations. Be impactful! Curate customer relationships and online strategic partnerships to foster your brand identity.

When telecom companies choose to embrace social media, they have a golden opportunity to build a robust customer service presence on social platforms. Participation in online communities extends the range of traditional customer service operations to platforms where customers spend a great deal of time.

When a service provider actively participates in the chatter arising on social media regarding praises and criticisms of its products, that organization gets out in front of many issues that could get ugly if ignored.

So, go ahead.

Respond to customer issues regarding your products performance in social forums. Offer solutions. Encourage feedback. Develop relationships around customer service for the whole world to see. Responsiveness and transparency are great brand impressions for any organization.

Another invaluable way your business may leverage social media is to engage new media channels to promote the launch of new products and services.

Let’s face it. If it doesn’t happen on the Internet, it didn’t happen.

With the help of the “Internet Famous” in your particular field, your new product promotion could “go viral.” Enlist the help of influential bloggers, instagrammers, and viners to place your company’s products in the feeds of millions of potential new customers.

There are so many ways for your company to benefit from strategic engagement on social media. Once you have established your core brand values, social media channels provide a low to no cost platform to test out your campaigns. So don’t be shy. Engage the network of loyal customers that is probably already thriving organically, awaiting your expert direction.


Tiffany Dyess- 1stel Blog Contributor

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