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Is Your Business Internet Fast Enough?

Is Your Internet Fast Enough?

As a business owner, do you find yourself wondering how fast of an internet speed you need, or how much bandwidth is necessary to keep your business running smoothly?

It’s important to know exactly the speed you need, so you aren’t underpowered, but at the same time, you aren’t overspending on internet services.

The internet is what keeps many businesses up and running. It can power your email, e-commerce, customer interactions, social media, marketing, and much more.

But it can be difficult to figure out what connection level is necessary to fulfill your needs. It all depends on the size of your business, and what functions you use the internet for.

Internet speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). The higher the number of Mbps your connection has, the faster your business’s online activity should be.

A high number of Mbps means that downloads complete quickly, web pages need very little load time, and online video calls or chats display smoothly.

So how much do you need?

The quickest way to figure this out is to consider who will be using your internet and for what. If you have just a few people doing some basic browsing and sending emails without large attachments, you won’t need as much speed as a business with 60 people who are all designing and sending high-quality graphics and making video calls.

That larger business may need 300 or more Mbps, while the smaller one may only need 30. Keep in mind that, when shopping for internet services, providers will often list upload speeds as well, which are slower than download speeds.

If you find that your employees are often complaining about slow internet, run an internet speed test, and compare the results with what your service provider is supposed to be giving you.

If they don’t match up, then contact your service provider. But if the results of your test are in line with what you’re supposed to be getting, this is probably a sign that you need an upgrade.

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