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Strategize Your Job Search

Having a game plan, when job seeking, can make all the difference.

It used to be that the best time to scour the want ads was on the weekends, because employers timed their ads to run on days the newspapers sold the most papers.

Now that the internet has become a mighty force in the business world, employers don’t hesitate to go online anytime. As soon as a position becomes available, they can get it out there in cyberspace.

So, what’s the best time to apply online?

Business News Daily has some great thoughts (complete with the stats) on the matter. In a nutshell… The most popular day for employers to post openings is on Tuesday. Monday and Wednesday don’t trail far behind, though.

When Monday through Wednesday searching pays off and you find some jobs to apply for (maybe, even, the job of jobs!), get on it right away! Research shows that jobs get posted around 11:00 AM and the resumes start hitting the in boxes by 2:00 PM.

It’s important to have your resume up-to-date and ready to go. Some quick customizing, an awesome cover letter and get it on the way! No later than the next day, if possible. If you wait until the end of the week, your application gets buried under the multitudes.

But, if you just found the post and it’s the job of jobsgo for it! There’s a chance that someone will view your application, eventually. That’s when the awesome cover letter can really pay off!

A quick note on applying online vs. applying in person: Unless you’re checking out local help wanted ads while on vacation, applying for positions away from home isn’t the best plan.

We hope you get that call and travel for the interview though! Also, if you are applying for a position at a large company, odds are they are not going to ask the receptionist for their input on a first impression.

On the other hand, if an opening at a small business has caught your eye, by all means! Put yourself in front of their line of vision from the start! And wear your best smile! ?

How long should you wait to follow-up? Business News Weekly suggests that now is definitely not the time to come off as annoying or aggressive in any way!

Hold on and hope for the best. When you get that interview, wear your best smile! And, if they have not mentioned it, before you leave, don’t forget to ask for a time frame as to when a decision will be made.

When that time has passed, a polite phone call to follow-up is appropriate. And, even though you had it on all ready, when you call, wear your best smile! They can “see” it in your voice.

Good luck!







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