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What Summer Season Means For Your Business

What Summer Season Means For Your Business

Ah, summertime! The mere mention of the word conjures up images of fun! What do you see in your mind’s eye? Why not take your favorite thing about summer and brainstorm some ways to use the idea to generate some business?

Let’s face it. Not all of us own businesses that relate directly to summer. But, your customers love summer as much as you do! Why not celebrate that with them?

Taking your favorite thing about summer and using it as a theme to fuel your customer appreciation day is a win-win! Your customers are sure to be… Well… Appreciative! And your employees are bound to catch your wave of enthusiasm helping to plan and man the event.

Some possibilities?

  • Back Yard Barbecue – Grab a grill (or a few) and spring for burgers and dogs. Simply, adding chips and a drink will be all you need! Add some tunes and it’s a real party! Want to take it over the top? Give away a grill! Meeting with a local merchant and offering a little free publicity for them could get you a sweet deal. Just saying.
  • A Lemonade Stand – Surprise your customers as they come in view of your place. Set up an actual replica of a child’s lemonade stand, but maybe on a larger scale. Add a huge FREE sign (…maybe a cookie or two), have plenty of ice on-hand, and you are good to go!
  • Aloha Luau – Some potato salad and luau music playing sound easy enough. Add a beautiful silk flower lei and you’re in business! (Pun, sort of, intended.)
  • Throw A Pool Party – Yes, that does sound a bit extreme, but if you are a smaller business, especially, it might be well worth looking into the cost of booking the local pool for a private party. Weigh the cost versus the benefits. You could notify customers by social media or snail mail. The word of mouth generated by such an event might be invaluable!
  • Give Aways – Everybody loves free stuff! Whether it be a summer promo item directly advertising your business, movie tickets, pool passes or something major worth taking a chance on, it will be a plus for your business.


You can take your theme to extremes, or stay as cost-effective, as possible. And, remember, if your event is outside, be ready to share information about your company with any potential customers that might wander over.

However, you decide to do it, celebrate summer with your customers! It could mean great things for your business!





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