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Technology Trend Forecast Fall 2017- iPhone X, Super Mario Odyssey, and More

Technology Trend Forecast Fall 2017- iPhone X, Super Mario Odyssey, and More

As we all know, the iPhone X is due to release in a few days on Nov 3. But what about other devices we haven’t seen on mainstream media?

The OnePlus 5 is very comparable in spec to other high-end smartphones on the market. It’s advisable to check out phone comparison models before making a purchase, as some less known brands may truly have a better device.

Nintendo has been pulling at everyone’s ears lately, being sure not to be forgotten. From SNES and Pokemon releases to multiple Nintendo Switch games.

They’ve set themselves up with quite a holiday lineup, ranging from an emulated console to quite a few game releases across the 2DS/3DS platform, as well as the Switch. With Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on 2DS/3DS, it has taken added a bit of weight to Nintendo about future game releases for the Switch. Pokken Tournament DX, LEGO Worlds, and Super Mario Odyssey were recently released in late October. Yet the question remains; what will Nintendo release besides SNES for the holidays?

With all this talk about gaming, there will be multiple computer graphics cards available this fall as well. AMD’s Radeon RX VEGA and the NVIDIA VOLTA will be releasing soon, both of which are able to offer a premium gaming experience on PC. Be sure to investigate if you can upgrade your motherboard, and for compatibility, before purchasing any new hardware for your PC system.

Lastly, let’s talk about wearable smart devices. There are a few coming for fall, so let’s be prepared. We have the new Fitbit, FOSSIL smartwatch models which are sure to be a hit this Christmas, along with the new line of Michael Kors smartwatches which are compatible with Apple and Android.

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Now that you’re “in the know” make sure to stay “in the now” so you can pre-order some of these fascinating pieces of technology before they’re sold out!

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