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The Technology You Need For Remote Employees

The Technology You Need For Remote Employees 

In 2017, it’s becoming easier to use technology to communicate with your employees, contractors, and vendors in increasingly technologically savvy ways.

A recent trend for small & medium business owners is to have a greater amount of communication take place remotely, instead of face-to-face. Having this ability will save your company money by allowing your staff to work remotely and communicate while on the road. But it also means you’ll need to use different tools than the traditional employee to communicate.

Here are three essential modern communication tools for your small or medium-sized company to consider this year:

1. Company issued smart phones.

The days where a simple flip phone was sufficient for staying in touch with your staff are gone. Smart phones give employees the ability to access key company data through apps and data network connection, making it easier to stay connected to important company changes. Company phones can also be encrypted to protect sensitive data.

If your employees are on the road quite often and need easy access to data and apps, consider issuing your employees an all-in-one device along with a smart phone. These devices combine the capabilities of a tablet, computer, and even handwriting (by writing with a stylus on the screen).

2. Sharable files and documents.

Collaborative documents allow teams to easily communicate information quickly without having to send the document back and forth. Programs such as Google docs and internal file sharing programs give up to the second edits and updates to a document with a strong Internet or data connection. These documents work well for collaborating on an important project or report, or for something simple like coordinating who’s carpooling together to an off-site training.

3. Online video collaboration programs.

Online video conferencing makes it easy to have meetings and make important decisions while maintaining some of the face-to-face contact you’d get in an in-person meeting. These tools are reasonably priced and especially effective when some of your workforce works remotely. Particularly popular tools include Skype for Business and Google Hangouts.

With an increasingly virtual workplace, it’s become even more important to have a reliable broadband Internet connection and telephone service. Connecting this technology can be difficult for even the most tech-savvy business owner. Contact the experts at 1stel and we will remove the stress of worrying about Internet and phone connections allowing you to focus on serving your customers.

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