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Dr. Miles had worked for a large, well-known hospital in Dallas, Texas for nearly twenty years in the Pediatrics department. Although her career path began later in life than the doctoral norm, she had made a name for herself in her line of work. Dr. Miles’ grandmotherly nature gave her youthful patients a sense of ease and a feeling of homeyness to the cold, white examination rooms.

However, the hustling-and-bustling city life had begun to wear thin on her aging bones. The daily commute by train was now becoming a dreaded task instead of a pleasant reminder of her younger years of swaying on the metro in France.

Although age makes some senile and empathetic, Dr. Miles was never one to stay somewhere that she felt inclined to leave. She decided it was time to fulfill her life-long dream of opening her own practice. After researching and speaking to an old friend in the medical field who had a similar venture, Dr. Miles decided she would open a small pediatric facility in Midlothian, Texas where she would live out her glory days.

After many sleepless nights spent developing her business, it seemed like almost everything was put into place. Now it was time to attend to an essential piece that she had been dreading: her telecommunications plan.

Although she was a smart and savvy lady, Dr. Miles could not care less about fiber, PBX’s, bandwidth, or latency. She just wanted something that was easy and worked.

One late night, in a desperate attempt to find a solution, she searched “one phone and internet solution for new Midlothian businesses.”

To her astonishment, 1stel, a Cleburne-based telecom business had just recently launched a campaign for their 1stConnect Hosted PBX. This paired with their reliable fiber-optic network gave Dr. Miles an immediate sense of relief. She set up a consultation on the 1stel Meet the Consultants page and was contacted the next day.

The 1stConnect hosted PBX allowed the front-desk secretary to forward emergency calls to Dr. Miles’ cell phone, record follow-up phone appointments, and utilize on-hold music to play smooth jazz to ease wait time. 1stel was also able to set up a unique email address for current and potential patient’s parents to use to inquire for more information about the practice, appointment scheduling, etc.

Dr. Miles had used a patient portal at her previous job in Dallas and knew that it was a major key to her success. Now that her facility had 1stel’s fiber-optic internet, her secretary was able to manage the patient portal so that patients could view lab results, summaries of their visits, and view a list of needed prescriptions.

The convenience of one complete network solution allowed Dr. Miles to spend time focusing on the elements of her business that she enjoyed.

Although this story may be fictional, the ease of one telecom company handling all your phone and internet needs does not have to be. Experience the luxury of one connection and one complete solution with the 1stConnect Hosted PBX.

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