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When Things Get Tough, Make Lemonade (or something like that)

As a manager for a telecommunications company, every day I challenge my sales team with the same question.

What are you doing to make a difference with the prospects you reach out to?  What did you do to show a prospect we are a different type of telecommunications company-one that truly cares about the client, and is not all about making the quick sale?

Competition is fierce in today’s environment, not just in any specific industry, but everywhere you look.  Last time I looked there were 17 lemonade stands on my block, each one vying for my business (kids these days are way smarter than when I was their age, 30 years ago…).  Some offered a souvenir cup, which was a great idea, if they hadn’t been a collection of souvenir cups from Mazzio’s Pizza, Dickey’s Bar-B-Que, Fuzzy’s Tacos and a faded Six Flags cup from 1994.  Other lemonade stand owners have introduced a frequent buyer program, where if you purchase 10 cups of water with a trace of lemonade and a 4 lb bag of sugar (PER CUP) at $1.00 per cup, you get a 50% off your 11th cup.  So if I’m doing the math right, if I spend $1.00 for lemonade that comes in an 8oz cup, I am spending $10.00 for about 80oz of lemonade, when I can make a short trip to Sonic between the hours of 2-4 and pick up a 44oz beverage for $1.50.  I can either spend $10 for 80oz, or I can spend $3 for 88oz.

Wait.  There is a huge difference.

The $1.50 I spend for a “44 oz” drink at Sonic comes piled with about 40oz of ice, which means that I am spending $1.50 for 4oz of drink, when I can go down to what appears to be the food truck lot of lemonade stands and pick up a true, dedicated 8oz cup of homemade lemonade for just a buck, while I go to a major corporate chain and get what appears to be a great deal of lemonade, but in reality I am sharing those 8oz of lemonade with another person.  If I wanted to get 80oz of lemonade from Sonic, I would have to spend $30, 10X more than what I would spend at the lemonade stand!  Let me say that I absolutely love Sonic, I frequent their happy hour more often than I care to admit.

So here’s the thing.

Just because you think you are getting a good deal doesn’t mean you always are.  Both of my parents were born in Puerto Rico (I was born in New Jersey and headed to Texas before I even was coherent enough to give directions), and in Puerto Rico there is a saying “Lo barato te sale caro.”  Roughly translated that means that spending a little often times costs you more in the long run.

As you consider making any change with your communication network, it is very important to take your time, and more importantly, do not make your decision based on the bottom dollar.  Because if you do, remember that lo barato te sale caro.

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Jorge Velez- 1stel Inside Sales Manager

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