Part of good communication is being a good listener. Though we are all able to listen, not everyone is able to do it well. Lucky for you, most people are able to improve their listening skills so that they can communicate with anyone that they want.

Here are some tips to become a better listener.

Really focus on the person who is speaking.

Not only should you listen with your ears, make sure that you see the body language they are trying to convey. You should also look for other nonverbal cues to figure out how they are feeling as they speak.

This also means that you need to put down your phone, quit thinking about everything else that you should be doing, and just listen.

Though it is really challenging, don’t interrupt them when they are speaking.

This can be really hard for many people who want to put their two cents in. However, if you want to be an effective communicator, you just need to listen.

Make sure that you act interested in what they have to say.

Make sure that you nod to show that you are listening, though you can also smile or say “yes” or something similar.

Then, to show them that you are really listening, repeat their thoughts back to them.

They don’t need to hear every word exactly the way that they said it. However, by paraphrasing what they said, they will know that you have listened to them.

It can be hard to be a good listener. Too many people try to interrupt when someone is talking. They also end up thinking about other things instead of listening. However, do your best to focus on the talker, let them know that you are interested and paraphrase what they said and you are on your way to becoming a better listener.