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Tracking Trends In Technology Is Imperative

Tracking Trends In Technology Is Imperative

You can say it’s just an example of “keeping up with the Joneses,” but failure to take advantage of the latest trends in technology could be lethal for your business. Why? The Millennials have arrived! Numbering 92 million, these 19 to 36-year-olds are going to change the face of our economy over the next decade by sheer purchasing power alone. They are a generation that has never known life without the internet and have embraced every technological advance that has come along since. Odds are that is not going to change now that they are in the majority.

Hot off the keyboard, TechCo listed the top 5 trends in technology that are crucial for startup growth, but any business will benefit from utilizing one or all of these options.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

The advances in smartphones are amazing!’s headline says it all. It reads: US Consumers Now Spend 5 Hours Per Day On Mobile Devices. We surf, shop and pay for items, manage our finances and more from our phones. Is your website mobile friendly? Do you have an App?


3D Printing Is Awesome

If you have a way to utilize this up and coming technology, Millennials will eat it up!


Social Media Is Golden

From video promotions (Be creative! It could go viral!) to customer reviews left on your page, the world of social media is a valuable marketing tool.



This technology will get better and better as interactive programming advances continue.


Virtual Reality Is Here

Brand new on the scene in 2017, virtual reality is sure to become wildly popular. If you have a way to engage visitors to your site through VR, do it!



Remember, Millennials are touted as being the short attention span generation. How short? Between 5 and 8 seconds! That’s not much time to make a lasting impression. But by staying on top of current tech trends, you will succeed!


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