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I Turned It Off and On Again… Now What?

We’ve all been there – on the cusp of closing a sales deal, downloading the morning’s sales tickets for processing, trying to get invoices out on time – when suddenly, no internet. For businesses of any size, time is money and you need to repair that connection to the outside world to get back on track for the day. Here are a few easy ways to troubleshoot your internet connection:

1. Make sure you turned everything off and on again. Power cycling your router, modem, and computer ensures that simple connectivity glitches are cleared out.

2. Check if the lights are on – does your modem have a power light as well as an “Online” or any activity lights? If it doesn’t, the problem might be somewhere between your home and your provider.

3. If the lights are on, is anyone home? Check the cables connecting your modem to your router, and then your router to any other devices that aren’t connected wirelessly. Make sure all of your cables are pushed all the way in (standard ethernet cables often “click” when they’re fully plugged in), and that none of the wires are frayed or damaged.

4. Check your wireless range. While today’s hardware is often enough to keep you connected in all corners of your office, if you only have a couple of bars it may not be enough for graphic-heavy websites or hefty downloads. If you’re constantly doing computing in a large warehouse or other steel structure you may need to invest in a wireless amplifier.

5. Sign up for the 1stel Bandwidth Monitoring Tool. With just a few clicks you get access to constant data about your network that will give you peace of mind and an excellent toolkit so that you can tell how your wireless network is doing and if you might need a service upgrade.

Still no luck with your troubleshoot? If all else fails, 1stel is there to support your business and keep you up and running. Contact us and we’ll connect you with a technical support guru waiting for your call.

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