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What’s Up, Doc? VoIP and Fiber Optic Internet at Your Office

Your patients are your business. Literally and health wise.

Without them, you can’t do what you do. Without you, they would be searching for healthcare that provides the quality care that you and your staff assume as the norm. No easy task. ?

Staying on top of the latest technology available in your field is key to providing excellent service. And, the internet is, certainly, proof of that. But, have you looked into the benefits of fiber optic internet?

  • Speed – Productivity increases because of it.
  • Less Down Time – If you put fiber and wire to the test, fiber wins. Service is only interrupted if it’s cut.
  • No Data Dilemmas – Increased bandwidth means transferring entire files without bogging down the whole office!
  • Security – Cable tapping is not possible. Drilling into the line causes the signal disappear. No signal, no access.
  • Better Voice Quality For VoIP – What’s VoIP? Voice Over Internet Protocol – A New Way To Look At Your Phone System

VoIP is the transmission of phone calls over the internet. No more landlines! And, you can save as much as 60-70% on your monthly phone cost! But, that’s not all!

  • Music On Hold – Because on hold happens.
  • Call Quality – You won’t believe the difference over traditional phone systems.
  • Ease Of Use – Point and click technology.
  • Mobile Apps – Allow Doctors and others access to calls on the go.
  • Features Galore – But, easily turn off those you don’t use so the system never seems overwhelming for staff.

In fact, the only downside to VoIP is downtime. Remember, though, that is going to be at the minimum because the only way to interrupt service is to sever the line.

Is it time to consider upgrading your internet service to fiber optics and reap the benefits of it’s increased speed and bandwidth? What about giving VoIP a try and jumping into these up and coming technologies with both feet?

We think you will be glad you did. ?





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