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Wearable Technologies Now For Allergies and PTSD

An innovation in the world of wearable technology designed to enhance or possibly save lives is making waves.  This invention is known as the Allergy Amulet. As Ryan Pierson notes in Readwrite, folks with severe peanut allergies have to be careful not only to order foods without peanuts in them, but to be wary of the fact that in a busy kitchen foods come in contact with one-another.

A potential solution for highly allergic individuals is the Allergy Amulet, an elegant wearable necklace that looks like jewelry and contains testing strips that enable you to test your food for allergens in seconds.


Another group that can benefit from wearable technology are U.S. Veterans. Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) within the returning veteran community is a serious issue. According to the Veteran Affairs administration, a major symptom of PTSD is sleep disorders including insomnia. Rather than just being a symptom of PTSD the sleep issues can become an independent disorder over time that is uniquely associated with significant distress and impairment. Pharmacologic solutions have been the norm for treating sleeping disorders but these solutions have side effects that may be worse than the problem they are solving.


Don’t despair because there is good news for veterans and others suffering from sleeping disorders is on the way courtesy of Brain State Technologies. An article in FierceBiotech by Amirah Al Idrus identifies Brain State’s BRAINtellect 2 as a possible solution to this issue. How does it work? A wearable headpiece relaxes the brain enabling Brain Optimization. The BRAINtellect 2 creates an “acoustic brain mirror” for your brain activity. Non-intrusive sensors are placed on the scalp and read a person’s brain rhythms. Software translates this brainwave activity into sounds of different pitch and timing. The sounds are played back to a person through earbuds, in real time. This self-reflection process supports the brain to bring itself to a deeply relaxed state. From this state, the brain tends to reorganize its own rhythms, on its own terms. yielding the following benefits:

  • Release of stress
  • Improved intuition and focus
  • Clearer memory and recall
  • Enhanced decisiveness and confidence
  • Superior performance in many aspects of life
  • Accelerated learning ability
  • A relaxed calm that is long lasting
  • A sense of inner peace and joy that is, for some, life changing.

These are just two examples of how wearable technology continues to improve the lives of people with potentially disabling issues. We eagerly anticipate future developments that will continue incrementally enhancing people lives. The future looks bright!


Randall Smith – 1stel Marketing Analyst

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