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Why 25 Gigabit Ethernet?

Why 25 Gigabit Ethernet?

Cloud computing is the new normal. A majority of U.S. businesses are impacted by the rapid adoption of cloud computing. Underlying the enormous growth in cloud computing is the burgeoning infrastructure required to deliver the applications that we require. A very key element is the computing and networking component. The speed at which bits of data can be delivered and processed is critical in each cloud application.

According to InformationWeek, fueling demand for 25 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) is the pressure that network operators are feeling to support ever increasing bandwidth intensive services without increasing their capital equipment budget at a commensurate pace. The benefits of 25 GbE for server I/O are listed below:

  • alignment with switch silicon I/O speeds that maximize switch throughput and efficiency;
  • reduced cost per bit;
  • minimized capital expenditures (CAPEX), because the numbers of top-of-rack (ToR) switches and cables are reduced, and
  • minimized operational expense (OPEX), because the power and cooling requirements are reduced.

Chloe Jian Ma touched on the 25GbE opportunity for the telecom industry in an EETimes article stating, “specific vertical applications such as network function virtualization (NFV) that have the potential to revolutionize the telco industry are dependent on high-performance networking to drive overall infrastructure efficiency. These trends are pushing server I/O to go beyond 10G to higher speeds such as 25G, 40G, 50G and even 100G.”

As mentioned previously in our Exciting News For Telecommunication Central Offices blog post, the telecom industry is rapidly evolving to a central office re-architected as a data center (CORD) model. NFV is a cloud technology that may reduce cost and accelerate service deployment for telecom network operators by decoupling functions like a firewall or encryption from dedicated hardware and moving them to virtual servers.

25GbE is just one of many elements that can be deployed by telecom network providers inside their next level CORD infrastructure to deliver the bandwidth and applications that are simplifying our business and personal lives.

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Randall Smith – 1stel Marketing Analyst

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