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How Will the New Wave of Tech Trends Affect Your Small to Medium-Sized Business?

How Will the New Wave of Tech Trends Affect Your Small to Medium-Sized Business?


When it comes to business communication trends, 2017 will bring significant change. Your customers and colleagues will also expect a certain level of flexibility. In many cases, keeping up with the competition will mean keeping up with technology and the times. Many professionals see that 2017 is the first year that many elements of, “the future,” dramatized in film and television could start to become part of our everyday lives.

Businesses can harness tools like AI, machine learning and the IoT to:

  • Enhance customer service,
  • Automate processes and marketing,
  • Build products or deliver services,
  • Maintain relationships with clients and colleagues, and
  • So much more

In a recent BizTech article, contributor Phil Goldstein discussed the latest tech trends that small and medium-sized businesses will likely encounter in the coming year.

The Internet of Things, IoT

Though many businesses are excited about connecting their products with other products in profitable joint ventures or learning more about their target demographic as they gather big data; experts caution that most IoT devices lack security. Manufacturers are rushing their products to market without making efforts to secure them. Hackers have begun to develop malware specifically designed to infiltrate these devices. Though these devices are available, SMBs would do well to give them another few years before integrating them into their business processes and product or service offerings.

Cloud Computing

Even with tough regulatory demands, some financial institutions are now using cloud computing platforms. Cloud computing makes running a business easier for SMBs. There’s no doubt that for many businesses, it makes better communication tools, stronger security and more flexibility available to them.

Artificial Intelligence

Businesses and software developers like Microsoft are very excited about chatbots. Consumers don’t seem to be paying much attention to them. However, for some reason, businesses think that chatbots will do great things for their customer service and that the bots will be able to answer a variety of questions without frustrating or irritating customers. Only time will tell if this will happen.

What’s the telephone again?

The face of business collaboration is changing in many ways. In addition to team platforms like Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Slack and Microsoft Teams taking the forefront; some businesses are also designing their own private social networks for customers and staff to interact with each other and to improve customer service.

These types of collaboration methods ensure that remote workers and on-site workers can have access to the same resources at all times.


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