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Yelp and Your Business

Yelp and Your Business

Does your business have a Yelp profile? If not, it’s time to build one. Founded about a decade ago, Yelp is a popular review website used throughout the United States. Many people, especially of the Millennial generation, use Yelp to help find businesses in their local area, ranging from restaurants to entertainment to all kinds of professional services.

Having a Yelp profile will help your business show up in search engine results and get awareness of your company. It’s also an easy platform for interacting with customers. And best of all, most aspects of Yelp are free for businesses.

Here are some great ways to leverage Yelp as a small or medium business:

Fill out or claim your business profile.

Any business owner can fill out a profile for their business – even if you don’t have a brick and mortar store. All you need is a business address, phone number and website. Not only can you add basic information, you can also write a great description of your business that will make customers want to come. If a profile of your business already exists, claim the profile as an owner and make any changes to the profile you’d like.

Interact with customers.

Anyone can write a review on Yelp, and the good news is that the website reports the vast majority of reviews left on the site are positive. By owning the business, you can respond with a thank you to customers who leave positive reviews, and offer solutions to customers who had difficulties. You can also send private messages to some customers.

Put a sign up on your storefront or website.

Have you ever seen signs on local businesses or business websites that say “People Love Us On Yelp?” If your business has great reviews, you can get your own signs to put up online and at your store, which will motivate potential customers to come inside.


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